Sneak Preview: A Boxed Hit!

Wine: PepperwoodGrove Chardonnay*

Price: $19

Volume: 1 box = 4 bottles!

Release Date: July 2010

Container: Box ( A Big Green One)

Blend: 88% Chardonnay, 10% Chenin Blanc and a splash of Viognier

When you think of boxed wine, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For some its college or high school parties, when the point was to have fun and get plastered, with complete disregard for taste. For others, it’s something you take with you on camping trips, when proper storage may not be optimal. But for most, it’s just crap. I for one, agreed with the last sentiment until recently, when I was dealt a major surprise by a guy holding a big green box aka. Pepperwood Grove Chardonnay.

So here it goes – my attempt to sell you on something that I would have never believed myself:

When I first tasted this wine, I really wasn’t expecting much. When I plunged my nose into the glass, I was expecting an artificially sweet, alcohol-apparent scent with a slightly metallic edge to it. Instead, I was welcomed with a wonderfully crisp, lightly vanilla and citrus scent, which was not the overpowering oakiness I’d expect from a California Chardonnay in general. As I took a taste, I noticed a crisp, well-rounded mouthfeel and nice finish, complete with just a hint of vanilla toastiness. I am not a white toasty fan, but this worked, I think because the toast was minimal, and included some citrus which is a surefire winner for me with whites. When I discovered that this box was $19, I wasn’t necessarily surprised or excited. However, when I learned that 1 box= 4 bottles, my excitement jumped through the roof and I immediately began planning a party in my head. How perfect – a wine that you can drink over the course of a week at home (the sealed bag is airtight, thereby keeping the wine fresher longer), that is also perfect for a summer party! In fact, I would challenge anyone to put this boxed wine to the test at your next party. Just buy a box, dispense it into a glass jug or decanter and see if party-goers can tell that this came from a box – I bet they won’t have a clue!

*This part is very important. Don’t confuse this post with me saying all boxed wines are good. I have had others, and they did not compare. Be sure to get the right one, or you may end up with an old-skool headache.

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