Champagne or Beer??

Champagne or Beer??

My beer-loving friends brought over some Lindemans Lambic ‘Champagne of Beer’ recently since they were apparently trying to trick me into drinking beer this time with them. I have to admit that this particular beverage WAS very tricky:

1) Looks like a Champagne
2) Opens like a beer & wine
3) Fizzy like a Champagne
4) Sipped from tulip or Champagne flute
5) Available in fruity flavors like a cider
6) Not to be confused with Miller High Life (the imposter ‘Champagne of Beers’ and marketing ploy)
Since this beverage had many wine-like qualities, it was easy to decide that it was wineblog-appropriate!

What did it taste like? Watch the video to find out.

*The flavors were very sweet, especially the Raspberry and Currant. The Peach was the least jammy, but if you like sweet stuff, go for the Raspberry.
Note: When drinking this beverage be sure to have a bottle cap and corkscrew handy at all times – or you’ll be screwed!

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