Syrah: Renwood ’05 vs. Renwood ’06

Video Summary: Since my Beaucoup dog wanted to participate in this video, I realize that his cuteness pretty much distracts from my wine review. Therefore, I am including a quick summary for you all in the case that you find yourself watching the video and coming out with only the conclusion that Beaucoup is too cute!

Renwood Syrah ’05 – LOVED IT. In the $12 range, you can’t beat the flavor. When I find more of this one, I will buy up!

Renwood Syrah ’06 – Was disappointed. After tasting the ’05 (same bottle, different year), I was disappointed to see that the ’06 wasn’t the same and was just missing something. Wasn’t quite as smooth and didn’t have the same charm that the ’05 glowed with.

*Additional Note: I saved some of the Renwood Syrah ‘06 for the next day, and must say that I think it may have tasted better on Day 2 than when it was freshly opened. Could this suggest that this vintage is simply too young and may taste better in another year??? There’s only one way to really find out!

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