Sauvignon Blanc Acidity Test

Conducted an Acidity Taste Test with my brother Brandon. As it turns out, the test ended up null, since the flavors from one of the wines I used were pretty sour. I’m afraid it skewed the test. However, something good did come out of this confusion. It was crystal clear that one bottle was best…Pascal Jolivet’s ‘Attitude’ Sauvignon Blanc. Definitely worth a try and at a great price point too! Here are some additional tasting notes:

Kenwood Sauvignon Blanc, $12: Essence of apples; sour apples to be precise. My brother described it most accurately with ‘it hits you like a freight train’

Pascal Jolivet ‘Attitude’ Sauv. Blanc, $16: Wonderfully light & crisp. This one is very smooth, and reminiscent of a quality champagne without the bubbles. Comes from the Loire Valley of France.

*Regarding the term ‘Attitude’. I thought this may have been a label created exclusively for Americans :), but after doing further research, discovered this is the label they use in France as well! I must say, the wine with attitude did taste best!

Correction: In the video, I mention Sauvignon Blanc is often called Chablis in French. This is incorrect. Chablis is actually 100% Chardonnay.

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