Winning with Wine!

Don’t you love winning with wine? I love how every time I open a brand new bottle for myself, I could be a winner! That’s right, I said it. And the prize you all must be familiar with, is that exclusive  chance to experience something new that will hopefully stimulate each of your senses and please your palette.  I’m talking about finding a brand new wine that you’ll love, or just opening something old that you already know and love (some consider that cheating, but I certainly don’t).  Of course even if you don’t ‘win’ as far as flavor or your pairing goes, you still can feel like a winner – just have one or two more sips is all it takes (I said sips,  not bottles!)

Now, along with my usual wine wins that I typically share with you all, I’m announcing a new wine win which I am especially excited about – the WBC Wine Bloggers Contest! This is in conjunction with the earlier nomination that I told you about. (I didn’t win that one, but it’s ok because this one is still affiliated with the same conference and is just as exciting if not more). I really feel that all of your votes definitely increased my visibility, so thank you for the support :)

The prize for this contest will be a road trip through the Washington wine region where I will share with you all the wonderful wines that I taste. I actually saw the itinerary and am a bit intimidated – so many tastings that I may have to bring along my own keg of water for the trip! Maybe I should be saying that I won a sweepstakes instead of a contest, since there will be so many new wines to try. This trip will undoubtedly be my very own version of Vegas!

*Visit the WBC or Bust Website for more details on the contest & prize.

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