I often visit friends houses and notice stashes of used corks stuffed in kitchen corners and lying on counter tops. When asked, few people seem to have actual plans for the corks that they save, with the 2 most common responses being:

1) I was going to make a corkboard out of them
2) I was going to make a cork trivet (or 2) with them

Although I find these ideas somewhat unappealing, I agree that there is something nostalgic about finding an old cork from a special bottle or occasion, and for that reason alone, all corks should be saved!

However, as you drink, and save, and accumulate more and more corks, what the heck are you really supposed to do with them? Some people only save special occasion corks, others save a cork from every bottle they taste. Still others, like myself only save the real corks (synthetics are unaesthetic and should be recycled immediately!) At the moment, I have about 4-5 ziplock bags full of used corks, many of which still reek of the wine they once protected.

To collect so many corks that I have enough to build a walk-in wine cellar, complete with table and tasting area in the center, with entire flooring made up of cork! If that is too much to handle, then the tabletop itself must be made up of cork, with some sort of acrylic or plastic coating over it, so as to maintain a smooth surface. Ideally, I could have both.

Since building my very own walk-in wine cellar does not appear to be in my immediate future, I have found a way to showcase some of my favorite corks with a beautiful and elegant cork centerpiece, illustrated in this video. Ridiculously simple to make, I have received many compliments for this decoration, which is pretty much on display year round.

Keep In Mind: Displaying wine corks as a focal point is likely to inspire friends and family to drink more and be merry!

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