Bennet Lane Winery: Release Party

Spring Wine Release Party

Spring is when I notice a lot of release parties happening for wineries everywhere. This is a great time to visit since they usually have some special events happening. Since I love the Maximus Blend at Bennett Lane Winery, I decided to check out their release party this year.

$30 entry fee included the following:

– Tastings of all their usual flights
– New Maximus Red & White blend tastes
– Generous pourings to pair with lunch
– Make Your Own Sliders BBQ
– Barrel Tasting/Blending Tours
– Dessert

Best Maximus White Pairing:
Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream

Best Maximus Red Pairing:
Veggie burger with bacon!!

Question of the Day:
**Does everything taste better with bacon or wine?**

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