The Awesome Poster I ‘Gott’


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The Awesome Poster I ‘Gott’

I’m so excited about my new poster and need to tell you the story behind it. First of all, Joel Gott is one of my favorite Sauvignon Blancs that is reasonably priced (~$12). It is well balanced, yet acidic as a Sauvignon Blanc should be, with citrus aromas and works well with seafood. I am not drinking it at the moment, so remembering based on my last taste.

Since this is one of my favorite Sauvignon Blancs to sip, I jumped when I saw this poster on their Facebook page. The winery was giving away various versions, based on varietal, and I wanted this one! The contest was to post a comment and the winner would be chosen at random. I think I posted ‘the only thing that’s missing on that poster is a signature’ and won! Not only did I get this awesome poster (printed on one of the oldest printing presses in the nation), but it represents my favorite varietal for this winery and it’s autographed by Joel Gott himself!

This was definitely something that needed to be framed, so I did just that. I’ve received a ton of compliments on it, even before I had a chance to hang it up. For now I hung it in my bedroom wall, but I think it might work well in the kitchen…just need to rearrange a few things first (like my fridge).

Why I Posted this Poster: Joel Gott makes awesome posters, but even better wine – try the Sauvignon Blanc and taste for yourself!

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