Earth & Taste-Friendly: Parducci Wine

I found a winery which could be the most socially-responsible winery in the world. What surprised me the most about this winery is that the cost of the product is not much more than your typical table wine – under $15!  I commend them for building the first US carbon-neutral winery while maintaining reasonable pricing and great flavor! 

Here are some of the earth-friendly features:  

· Locally owned and operated

· Grapes from family farms

· Sustainable farming practices

· 100% green power

*One last note. This wine should be drunk the same day as opening it. I tried to save some for the following day and it didn’t hold up as well as it could have. I still recommend it for a dinner party with varying tastebuds.

· Earth-friendly packaging

· 1st U.S. carbon neutral winery

Here are some of the taste-friendly features:

· Light-bodied

· Red Blend

· Smooth & Silky

· Versatile (would be a good party wine)

Here’s the best feature of all:

** Under $15 **

*Additional Note. After saving a bit of this vintage for the next day, I realized that this bottle needs to be drunk right away, as it does not save very well. Still, I recommend for dinner parties when trying to please a range of tastebuds.

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