The Perfect Baby Shower Gift: Grand Cuvee


My coworkers must know me better than I thought (or maybe they were sick and tired of hearing me complain about not being able to drink while pregnant) because not only did they coordinate a wonderful office baby shower, but they also gifted me some extremely generous gifts!

  • First, for baby – a very generous Babies R Us gift card, which by the way, I have already spent.
  •  Next, for me – an entire bottle of Krug Grand Cuvee Champagne!

I couldn’t believe how well my complaining and sad eyes had paid off! It was a true surprise and I am very grateful to my coworkers for thinking so highly of me!  Now I look forward to celebrating the birth of my baby girl with this very special bottle, as every new parent should.

There is another reason why this bottle is so special. Recently, I’ve been looking for some very high quality bubbles to celebrate with. One of my favorite wine personalities is Andrea Robinson, a master sommelier who I had the privilege of meeting during my Washington wine trip. Since she is a huge Champagne fan, I looked to her for a celebratory bottle recommendation. What I learned is that the bottle that enlightened her to the point of leaving her financial career in order to pursue wine was this very bottle!

You can view a video of her discussing the bottle with Maggie Henriquez, the President and CEO of Krug, a very passionate, poetic woman who compares Grand Cuvee to a Symphony.

Now I really can’t wait to taste this! I will keep you posted on how the fabulous tasting goes and I look forward to sharing my findings in the next month or so…

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