My BevMo Shopping Cart

With Memorial Day approaching, there are a lot of wine sales and deals out there. I have received a ton of emails in the past couple of days with great offers that are well timed with the approaching Memorial Day weekend. Cost Plus,, BevMo, along with individual wineries, like BV, Sterling, and more… To be honest, there are so many wines I am ready to try, but I have to control myself, so I opted to buy from one sale only and that was BevMo; partially because I can pick up easily at a nearby store; partially because they had a great selection.

Thought I’d share my wine purchases from BevMo in case you want to partake in some of the offerings as well.  The strategy for me was most bang for my buck, since I am still on maternity leave here (for those who aren’t familiar, maternity leave = less $)

Jenna’s BevMo Shopping Cart:

1)    Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling ‘09  –Was: $7.99,   Sale: $5.99

2)    Chateau Ste Michelle Merlot Indian Wells ‘08* – Was: $16.99,   Sale: $12.99

3)    Beaulieu Cabernet Napa ‘07 – Was: $18.99,   Sale: $13.99

4)    Graffigna Malbec ’08 – Was: $14.99,   Sale: $8.99

*Finally found this one! I’ve been searching for some time now and kept missing the Indian Wells bottle, as my friend Marc knows…


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