Cioppino & Wine

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Recipe:  Popular Cioppino Recipe (

Paired With: Sauvignon Blanc Blend

This weekend it seemed like everyone was having Cioppino. In fact, as my mother-in-law was busy performing some amazing seafood mixology in our giant stock pot, one of my elementary friends texted me about a Cioppino pairing recommendation – what a coincidence! Later my dad visited and kept poking his head into the (empty) stock pot while simultaneously complaining about the horrible coleslaw side dish he brought with his hamburger… he seemed totally bummed that he missed out. Don’t worry Dad, where there’s more wine, there can be more Cioppino – it’s quick, easy and goes great with white!

Okay, okay, I admit it. I secretly don’t really like Cioppino. What I really like is the wine that goes in the Cioppino! That’s what makes it fabulous. Also, it’s one of the only soups that I can enjoy with a glass of wine as well! Throw in some French or Sourdough bread and you have an entire process of dipping, tasting, and sipping – the stuff dinner parties were made for.

Here are some quick tips for cooking Cioppino:

  1. Avoid cooking with wine that you would not yourself enjoy. So before adding your chosen wine to the pot, pour a glass for yourself, and have a taste. Do you want more? If so, then your bottle has passed the cooking test!
  2. After choosing your cooking (and drinking) wine, take a look at the recommended amount of wine to add to the recipe. Go ahead and double that amount – this adds more complexity and flavor
  3. It’s ok to simmer longer than the recipe calls for – it further concentrates the delicious medley. However, if you choose this method of cooking down, go ahead and add another splash of vino – it will help mitigate the loss of too many juices

Dip, Taste & Sip!


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