Review: Silicone Wine Charms

20121111-090435.jpg Because I am not a big fan of 99% of wine charms on the market today ( the fish hook-looking things carrying various random objects and aluminum critters), I was relieved to find these simple silicone charms in a variety of colors to pass out to guests. The design appeared easy enough for anyone to pop on their stem without having to fuss and also wasn’t dangling free so as to become a distraction from the wine itself. Lastly, there were plenty of colors which would store easily on the acrylic stick they came with. Unfortunately, after testing at a recent gathering, it was plain to see that these weren’t going to work for the simple reason that the charms don’t stay firmly on the stem ( at least for my glasses). As you can see in my photo, there is a visible gap on the silicone which causes it to occasionally even pop off! That’s no good when you are looking for you glass. Combine that with the fact that my 18 month old thinks they are miniature colored learning toys and we have created a stressful situation out something intended to simplify and ease party goers. Final verdict: Still searching for a better wine charm solution.

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