The Wine Club, San Jose – No Membership Required!

Here’s a secret spot that I am way overdue on sharing! This hidden gem in San Jose is a great place to shop for the best selection of wine around, as well as best customer service and staff.  It’s called The Wine Club, just off of Coleman and across from Costco. Below are a few reasons to love this place, but the best part of all, is no membership required to shop here!

Wine Tastings – Every Friday and Saturday afternoon they hold a new vertical wine tasting, always with a theme. Could be a region or a varietal, but you’re sure to find something new and intriguing! They usually charge a small fee which is always more than worth the amount of wine you’ll be able to taste.

Super Staff – The staff here is second to none. They are very attentive to what you are looking for – if you’re feeling adventurous and want something different, they can recommend something for you – if you want something classic, tried and true, they can do that too.

Can’t-go-Wrong Wine – Every wine that is offered at the Wine Club must be approved by all staff members in order to secure a spot on the shelf. That means that no bottles are there because there was a great deal from the distributors, or because one person who was buyer that day ate a bunch of Brie cheese just before tasting – these wines have the seal of approval from all staff members – so you really can’t go wrong with any selection you make.

Atmosphere – When you walk into the Wine Club, you will notice the cool air and quiet atmosphere. I believe the building is surrounded by concrete blocks, and is at optimal temperature for storing all those lovely wines for you. Be careful though – don’t talk too loud about your friend’s recent affair or family drama on a sub-par headset, since those concrete walls also allow for sound to bounce back and amplify your conversation (not that it ever happened to me or anything) ;)

Best Rosé – I am a major sucker for French Rosé, and have found it beyond difficult to find a classically styled Rosé locally – here you will find one of the best selections of French Rosé (and some other fantastic contenders as well)! Also, during the summer, keep your eyes peeled for a vertical Rose tasting which you will never experience at a single vineyard, unless maybe you are in Provence, France.   

Hands down, this place beats the other well-known local wine shop (starts with a K, ends with an L), based on the friendly, attentive staff and amazing wine selection. Swing by on Friday after work and taste for yourself!

The Wine Club – San Jose
1200 Coleman Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95050

The Wine Club – San Francisco
953 Harrison St
San Francisco, CA 94107

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