Another Every Day Red Wine – Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel

That's right - the fine print in the corner reads 14.5% alcohol
That’s right – the fine print in the corner reads 14.5% alcohol.

In a recent post, I compared Dr. Wolfe’s Family Red wine with one of my favorite every day red wine blends – Bogle Phantom… this got me thinking about that luscious bottle. I have two thoughts on the naming of that wine:

1) Phantom wine vanishes from stores by Spring
2) It is usually released around Halloween

Regardless, since this is the time of year that I pretty much run out of the stuff, I have adapted by using Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel which is lower and price and almost as good. This is one of my go-to reds for every day drinking. This is a very approachable red that goes with a number of dishes. You can’t beat the less than $10 price point either!

I think one of the reasons this wine works is that it uses old vine zinfandel grapes – in this case the website states that the vines are 60-80 years old. The Phantom blend is 51% Zinfandel (I suspect coming from the same vineyards?), 47% Petite Syrah, and 2% Mourvedre. Both are high in alcohol content too (14.5%), which I understand many of you interpret as a bonus!

Final Thought: If you are looking for a good wine to pair with your dinner Tuesday night, try Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel.

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