How I Converted a Cider-Lover to Champagne

Champagne Bubble Necklace
J Vineyards – Champagne Bubble Necklace!

I love sharing and tasting wine with fellow wine-lovers, but you might be surprised to know that many of my friends aren’t really that into wine. This is one of the reasons I was so interested in testing various preservation methods. Although I could, I’d rather not down an entire bottle of wine by myself in one sitting. This is also why I am constantly looking for new opportunities and angles for converting friends to wine.

In fact, my friend Renee represents one of my most successful efforts in converting a friend to wine – or champagne, in this case. Here’s how I did it:

1)  Renee exclusively drank cider
2)  Cider is traditionally made of and tastes just like apples
3)  I focused my efforts on finding something with strong apple flavors
4)  Champagne often tastes like apples (but that wasn’t good enough)
5)  I searched for the most ‘apple-y’ champagne I could find –> J Vineyards

After presenting the fizzy bubble sensation to Renee, she announced that she loved it and wanted more! Now, Rene has confessed that she has become a more frequent champagne purchaser and drinker, I couldn’t be more satisfied with my efforts!

To introduce someone to my world of wine feels like a gift to me. And speaking of gifts, I was recently at an event hosted by J Vineyards, and received this adorable ‘bubbly necklace’ (what a great idea on their part). I instantly thought of Renee when I saw it and can’t wait to give her this trinket – I know she’ll love it!

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