I’m baaaack!!




Hello Everyone! Today I am announcing my official return to wine writing.

As many of you know, I had been experiencing a temporary break from wine writing, as a result of adding a new amazing member to the family – our wonderful daughter Mirielle. Some of you may recall my overzealous ambitions to continue blogging while pregnant and thereafter (here is a post to remind you in case you forgot: The Pregnant Wineblogger). However, I am sure that all of the parents out there were laughing silently to themselves, knowing in fact, that any efforts of maintaining a blog and full time job, while raising an infant would be near impossible. I’d like to thank you all for not actually laughing in my face about this – there should have been a monitor or iphone screen between us to block me from hearing you anyway.

Since having Miri, a frequently asked question is ‘What about your wine blog?’ in which I always respond with ‘No adequate time yet, but DON’T WORRY, I am still drinking!’ This is a key point to reinforce – that I have not decreased the amount of wine-related research I have been able to conduct – the only difference is that it was suddenly virtually impossible to share my thoughts and findings with others via this blog.

Now that she is turning a whopping 3 years old, I am finding more pockets of time that she is allotting me to use as I wish. That, combined with a recent, awe-inspiring Napa trip, convinced me that the time is right to pick up where I left off on this wine journey of mine.

To celebrate my return to blogging, I will be conducting my typical contests and giveaways so be on the lookout for those too!


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