Part 1 of 2: Ben the Bachelor

Ben from the Bachelor at his Envolve winery tasting room in Sonoma Plaza.
Ben Flajnik at his Envolve wine tasting room in Sonoma Plaza

I was in Sonoma Plaza with my cousin and friends, who were all running from boutique to boutique. While everyone searched for tangibles, I took the opportunity to focus on edibles – primarily anything related to food & wine. I knew there were tasting rooms in the square and was ready to explore.

First, I found a delicious chocolatier, Wine Country Chocolates, who make truffles with cabernet infused centers (omg). The chocolate was Guittard, which is my favorite – so far so good. After that, I ventured around the corner and found a nice little alley lined with tasting rooms (jackpot)! As I walked along, I noticed the scene becoming livelier. Pretty soon, I found myself facing a patio full of live music with hipsters galore. ‘Is this a winery or a bar?’  It was actually ‘The Bachelor’ Ben’s Envolve Winery.

I started making my way inside, but out of fear of looking like a groupie, I turned around and made my way back towards shopping, texting my cousin – ‘just found Ben from the Bachelor’s winery’. She responded immediately and was on her way. I could see her on the sidewalk briskly walking toward me. At the same moment someone else came barreling around the corner and zoomed past – it was Ben Flajnik. I told my cousin who she just missed, and she grabbed my arm and said ‘Let’s follow him!’ and off we went.

Now I know how annoying and unprofessional it is to ask for a photo, but this was great blog material, so I went ahead and asked. He reluctantly agreed and after my photo, there was a mad rush of women that basically devoured him, rushing in and demanding their own photos with Ben. Pretty soon he was lost in the crowd (oops)! I felt somewhat responsible and a little guilty for opening the floodgates… but not for long! The crowded bar had just migrated outside for their own selfies, and the empty tasting bar was now mine for the taking!

This is my experience with Ben the Bachelor – read Part 2, Ben the Winemaker.



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