Part 2 of 2: Ben the Winemaker

Ben the Winemaker and his Envolve wine
1) A signed bottle of Envolve Sauvignon Blanc 2) Ben Flajnik, the winemaker 3) Envolve wine tasting bar 4) Another view from inside the bar

After grabbing my selfie with Ben Flajnik and herding the crowding women like cattle over to the patio where Ben was, I proceeded to the tasting room for an honest taste of Envolve wine. I remember cringing while watching that Bachelor series, when he brought one of the girls home to meet his family and offered her a glass of his wine. She grabbed it, took a quick swig and said ‘Mmmm, that’s good’ all in one quick breath – no thoughts or questions, no color analysis, no discussion on aroma, finish – I am sure she hardly even tasted it she was in such a rush to just win him over. It was absolutely zero help as far as I was concerned!

As I was tasting, I managed to grab some time with Ben at the bar. While everyone else was asking him about Bachelor details, I was more interested in hearing about his wine. Miraculously, we managed to have a great wine dialog, and here’s what I discovered:

Ben is a real winemaker – he spoke about each of his varietals and all of the vineyards the grapes are sourced from. He knows every grape on every block and tastes himself for readiness during harvest every year.

Envolve wine is biodynamic and organic – something he really emphasized (and he didn’t know I was planning to blog about this). I believe he was very proud of this effort and it seems to be working out well for him.

Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars is a mentor – when I mentioned I had just come from Stag’s Leap district his eyes lit up. Apparently, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars has been a great influence and support system for Ben (as I understand they have been for many others in the valley as well).

Wine Tasting Notes:

Envolve Pinot Noir – (Ben’s personal favorite) I was surprised by how much I liked this one – I am usually not a huge Pinot Noir fan. CORRECTION: I only enjoy very expensive Pinot Noir’s, so have a difficult time tasting due to a difficult time affording. This one was delicious.

Envolve Syrah – Luscious and smooth. Not too spicy or high in alcohol; well-balanced.

Envolve Sauvignon Blanc – very crisp and refreshing, yet not too acidic, most likely due to little bit of Muscat (7%) that is added to this bottle. The final result is a very drinkable, award-winning Sauvignon Blanc. I bought 2 bottles of this – one signed and another to actually drink.

Final Thought: Ben Flajnik knows that the Bachelor television series catapulted his winery into its current success and tolerates a lot of the baggage that comes with his reality fame. However, I believe that the true reality can be found in his network and winemaking talent. If you ever see him running around Sonoma, skip the Bachelor talk, and ask about his wine – you’ll pick up on his true passion and get a sense of Ben the Winemaker.

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To learn more about Ben Flajnik and his wine portfolio, visit the Envovle Winery website.



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