Thurston Wolfe: Case-Worthy Washington Wine

Thurston Wolfe Winery
1) Thurston Wolfe Wine bar   2) ‘Chance’ the winery dog    3) Outdoor patio

On my recent trip to the Oregon and Washington wine area there was one wine discovery that stood out from the others. This is no small feat since many wines coming from the area are hidden gems. For this trip, I was ecstatic to discover Thurston Wolfe wines. It was the bartender at the Skamania Lodge who recommended it to me and I was instantly in love (with the wine, of course).

If any of you have ever been to the Columbia Gorge area in Oregon, you know how gorgeous the area is (I actually think ‘Gorge’ is short for ‘Gorgeous’)!  I was so blown away by the flavors that I decided to use the next day to actually visit the winery myself, which was some 3 hours away. In case you are interested, my previous post discusses that journey to Prosser, Washington.

Thurston Wolfe Winery

The winery itself is an inviting space complete with a charming patio outside, and  modern, open space inside. There is a very friendly dog named Chance, who is a big sweetie as well.

The Wine: I loved Dr. Wolfe’s Family Red wine so much that I bought 6 bottles and had them shipped. The reason I adore this wine is two-fold: flavor and price. This wine is silky and complex with a long toasty finish. This is something I am constantly in search of in a red and it is surprisingly difficult to find at a reasonable price – this wine is $16. The only other bottle of wine I feel is similar in taste and value is the Bogle Phantom, which is better known and seems to disappear by Spring every year from stores. I am hoping this one is more readily available for me when I am ready for more (which will be soon, I am sure).

Sure you have to pay for shipping, but as long as you are buying more than two, it’s sure to be worth it!

Final Thought: Fantastic – Recommend. Anyone want to go in on a few bottles with me?



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