Restock: Wan Fiore Pinot Noir

WanFiorePinotIt’s about time! I’ve finally regained control of my wine inventory and am working towards restocking some of my key go-to wines – Wan Fiore Pinot is one of those. When I say ‘go-to wine’, in this case, I mean the Pinot Noir I go to when I am trying to impress someone with exquisite wonder.

In addition to restocking for myself, I shared a few drops with coworkers at a recent happy hour and they all requested bottles as well – if interested in seeing for yourself you’ll have to shoot them an email to order the wine, since they don’t have an official tasting room and you will not find this in any old grocery store…

I’ll share more about this wine and the winemaker, Robert Fiore in time, but for now, I just want to keep this light by saying that this is a bottle that stood out for me after tasting at least ~100 Pinot Noir wines one week – I can vouch.

A few quick highlights:

  • Medium bodied for a Pinot
  • Super smooth and drinkable
  • Even better with food – I snacked on brie and goat cheese and it was to die for
  • Crazy complex – any bottle will delight your palette’s senses

I am a California Cab girl, but this is the Pinot for me.

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