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Wine 101

Here are some wine basics shared in a simple and easy manner.

Fun Fact: Santa Barbara Temperatures

Santa Barbara temperature increases 1°F for every mile traveled inland (east). Yet another reason this unexpected area is ideal for growing so many wine …

Industry Jargon: Petrol

If you ever get hint of ‘pencil eraser’ in your wine, the industry term for this aroma is Petrol.

Vines & Roses

The Purpose of Roses in Vineyards

  “Everywhere in the Champagne the roses come tumbling out of the sides of the vineyards still…None of the celebrated French lover’s …


American v. French Oak Barrels

What’s the Difference? Cost American: ~ $300 French: ~$600 Flavor: American: Stronger vanilla flavors French: Less tannins Wineries (reds): American: Beaulieu Vineyards, …