Wine & Jelly


I recently tried homemade wine jelly from and OMG it was good – all of it! Check out my Tastebud Awards:

Merlot Jelly Pasta Sauce: 1st Place for ‘Most Surprising Combo that Works Award’

Merlot Jelly with Crackers & Brie: 1st Place for ‘Easily Impress People While Entertaining Award’

Peanut Butter & Merlot Jelly Sandwich:  1st Place for ‘If I was Still in the 5-8 Age Range Award’

What started as an innocent Facebook comment soon became a nagging question in my mind – can wine jelly be used to make pasta sauce in place of red wine? It was Lynnette Fumi who first suggested this to me. I was having a hard time with the idea of adding jelly to my pasta sauce, but because it did in fact contain wine as a key ingredient, I had to give it a shot and see for myself.

The Merlot wine jelly arrived promptly from One key note about this homemade jelly is that the alcohol is not completely cooked off, which is what makes it so unique. Not only does it smell like (sweet) wine, you can definitely taste the wine in this stuff, too, and get drunk on it, I suppose!

Just a few additional notes:

Everyone who tasted the wine jelly liked it

The Merlot jelly was a stunning raspberry color

Everyone could smell and recognize the wine flavor

Everyone’s favorite was the Merlot Jelly with Crackers & Brie combo

The jelly is not suitable for those under 21, since it contains alcohol

The jelly comes in a number of varietals, including White Zin & Port

To try the jelly yourself (I highly recommend the cracker combo for parties) visit

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