The Pregnant Wine Blogger

I found myself in a bit of a predicament recently. I guess you can call me the Pregnant Wine Blogger (at least for the time being). Yes, now you know what it is – I am expecting!

But what I wasn’t expecting was for this master plan of mine to happen so quickly. The master plan was to gather a vast quantity of posts and footage, map it all out ahead of time and post throughout my pregnancy, unbeknownst to my friends and fans – that didn’t happen. Instead, I became pregnant immediately and was even lucky enough to have just about every side effect of first trimester pregnancy available; 24/7 nausea, migraine headaches, drowsiness, exhaustion, unsettled stomach, etc. It’s been like having a hangover without the wine!

So What Now??
Please don’t feel cheated out of a proper wine blogger. I am here to say that I do have a Plan B (something I had 2+ months to ponder while laying in bed, hoping for a better day). Although I can’t be actively tasting the plethora of wines over the next few seasons, here’s my new and improved plan:

  • Blog Posts of wine-related news, events, tips and more
  • Product Video Reviews of wine gadgets from
  • Sweepstakes & Games for you, with wine accessory prizes!

I hope you all find this sufficient. I am very excited about this new chapter of my life and blog! Regarding my wine blog specifically, I am especially excited about the new Sweepstakes concept, which I plan to implement soon so that the winner(s) will receive their prize before the holiday season is over.

Thanks to everyone for their support and understanding – in the meantime, while I wait for my turn again, please have a drink (or two) for me!!

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