A Healthy Glass of Wine

My New Year’s Resolution this year had nothing to do with health and fitness. Why? Because whenever I think about dieting or working out, I stress about cutting the things I love in life out – like laying in hammocks, sleeping in, and drinking wine. Not to say that sleeping in and laying in hammocks aren’t healthy (I know I can argue that they are!), but since this is a wine blog, I’d like to focus on the obvious –
A Healthy Glass of Wine.

After extensive online research, I found that drinking just 1-2 ‘healthy’ glasses of wine per day, is a greater benefit than realized. In fact, there seem to be so many health benefits, that I am now able to justify drinking 1-2 glasses daily with confidence, which supports my real resolution:  Live Life to the Fullest!

I am sharing this wine benefit list, hoping it will help with your resolution, even if it is to workout or become fit:

Portion Control – When mixed with food, alcohol can slow the stomach’s emptying time and potentially decrease the amount of food consumed at the meal.    –WebMD

Longevity – Wine is associated with a 30% reduction in the death rate from all causes.    -University of Bordeaux, Epidemiology

Heart Health – 35% percent reduction in death rates from cardiovascular disease.    -University of Bordeaux, Epidemiology

Cholesterol – Wine Lowers “Bad” Cholesterol; Alcohol Raises “Good” Cholesterol.   -Livestrong.com

Kidney Stones – Of 17 beverages, (tea, juices, water, etc.), wine is associated with the highest risk reduction (59% for women, 39% for men)   -Harvard University Study

Stroke – Drinking wine on a daily or weekly basis reduces risk by ~33%.  –Journal of the American Heart Association

Diabetes – May lower the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.  -Study presented to the American Diabetes Association

Neurological Disease – Can be a major factor in the treatment and prevention of neurological diseases, including various forms of dementia.   -Mount Sinai School of Medicine, WineSpectator

Cold Prevention – Experts at five universities found that people who drank more than 2 glasses  per day had 44% fewer colds   -BBC News

Extended Life – Scientists have found a compound (Resveratrol) in red grape skins that could significantly extend life by preventing a number of age related illnesses. Study is still underway, but could lead to an eventual supplement for increased life extension!  –cbsnews.com

At the end of the day, I say don’t drink red wine because you are trying to be healthy, drink it because you enjoy it, and of course, drink in moderation.

**Breast Cancer Update**
In my research, I found a potential negative effect of wine that I feel the need to share. Multiple studies link alcohol consumption as a breast-cancer risk factor, but other studies have found that wine, particularly red wine, may have cancer-fighting properties. Also, for women who are survivors of breast cancer, another recent study warns of drinking more than 1-2 glasses of wine per night.

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