Wine Trip Tips

10 Wine Tasting Trip Basics You Should Know

Planning a wine tasting trip? Don’t miss this quick and easy checklist.

Infographic: Top 10 Wine Trip Tips    


Happy Tasting!!

Things to Bring:

1) Water – Stuff the cooler with H20 – you’ll need to stay hydrated!

2) Snacks – Granola bars, bread, cheese and chips are great options for in between tastings

3) Cooler – Avoid getting new bottles of wine heat damaged! Throw in ice packs for temperature control.  

What to Wear:

4) Black – Avoid staining your clothes in case of accidental wine spills

5) Light Sweater – Winery tasting rooms and cellars get chilly!

6) No Perfume! – Nobody likes wine with a hint of Calvin Klein or Cool Water cologne  

Plan in Advance:

7) Driver – Designate one, especially if at 2+ wineries

8) Full Stomach – You won’t last long if wine tasting on an empty stomach.

9) Brush Early – At least 2 hours before wine tasting – peppermint and wine don’t mix!

10) Trust Your Pallette – and enjoy the day!

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