I am sharing my love and interest for wine in a blog. The goal is to learn and test various vine-related theories and products, and then share everything I learn along the way.

Some of my wine-related tests include:
Would a Champagne & Stout cocktail really taste good?
Can you make pasta sauce with wine jelly?
How fun are blind wine tastings?
Would ancient wine preservation techniques taste good?

Wine-related tips:
How to get the most out of your wine country trips
The best way to preserve your precious, opened wine
How to tell if wine is heat damaged

Personal Interests:
I have a preference for California (Napa Valley) Cabs and have more recently been enjoying Washington red blends.
I prefer dry, crisp whites and rosé as well – I consider myself a certified Rosé snob.

Wines that opened my eyes to the world of grapes include:
Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc
Bennet Lane Maximus
BV Clone 6
Sequum Wine
Modus Operandi
Wan Fiore Pinot

What I look for in a white:
Floral aromas
Certain level of crispiness
What I look for in a red:
Loooonnnng finish
Buttery and toasty



To contact me:

– My focus is wines with a unique story in addition to taste


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